Separation of Humanity

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If we take a look at what really causes our problems today it is based on separation. We have separated people by age, gender, nationality, looks, religion, political affiliation, education, social status, state, nation, and country. We are busy defining ourselves by separate parameters and forcing our agendas on others. As we continue to defend our perceptions and views we eliminate the ability to create solutions through other means beside force.

The cost of war is ever increasing and since 2001 our cost is $972,201,900,000 in the United States alone. Since money is such a prized possession in America I think you should be outraged. There is also the tremendous cost of human lives on both sides of the conflict. I wonder why we are willing to pay such a high price.

We pay this price because we have separated ourselves from the global community. We see other countries, with other ideas as threats or enemies. We view them as wanting to have what we have, but the unfortunate truth is we are willing to kill, maime, and destroy them because of what they have (oil). We can justify killing them because they do not have the same beliefs as ourselves. We see ourselves as the good guys and them as the bad guys. There is no good guy in war, all are operating from a lower level of consciousness that believes all people are not created equal.

Some people even call this the holy war. Holy and war do not belong in the same sentence. A holy war is still based on the premise of separation and righteousness. People could be treading on thin ice here, after all these are some of the principles Hitler believed in.
What has this separation of humanity caused? It has caused, war, poverty, homelessness, division, anger, righteousness and hostility. It is time to look at what we are fostering in the world. A friend commented that this is what America has always done, look at it as history repeating itself. Yes, we have promoted war, but doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is the sign of an insane people. War is a barbaric act and one that needs to be stopped.

The coming together of humanity is what is needed. Not in the new world order style of domination and control. A coming together for the betterment of all people everywhere. If we spent the money we do on war to help our nation everyone would have adequate healthcare, homes and employment.

Our military men and women could join with other nation’s military and we could start rebuilding the world, instead of destroying it. We could start by working together instead of in opposition. We could learn from each other and become a truly diverse world honoring our individuality, yet realizing we are one people. The human race.

One of America’s famous sayings is, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. We have been falling because of our division and separation. We are divided within our own nation and in the world at large. Unite for the betterment of America. Unite for the betterment of the world. America take a stand and be the leaders you are meant to be. Stand for human dignity. Stand for your principles; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Most importantly stand together for a greater cause.

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  1. We are separated from ourselves. We are conditioned to see what is not working instead of what is. It could be as simple as focusing on what is working. We’ll see how much we have in common. In fact we are all so much more alike than different. Eventually we’ll see that we are “one” people. As one we can accomplish anything!

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