Thought in Action

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Richard Carlson gave us a great insight when he said, “Thought is not something that happens to us, but something that we do. It comes from inside of us, not from the outside. What we ‘think’ determines what we see – even though it often seems the other way around.” Thinking is automatic; it’s going on all the time.

Where do our thoughts come from? We each have a thought bank that we carry around within us that contains all of our beliefs and thought patterns. It also contains all that we’ve learned at home, at school, and in our communities. Our thought banks contain only what we have experienced in the past.

We also have another source of thought that we call Brilliance. Brilliance is our connection to a higher dimension of thought, awareness and consciousness. It only occurs in the Now and always leads to the most expanded viewpoint.

Understanding thought is critical. Our knowledge of how thinking works determines the degree of power we have over our lives.

How can we distinguish when we are caught up in our thought bank or when we are connecting with our Brilliance? When you are worrying or feeling unsure, angry, or depressed, you are caught in old habits of thinking from your thought bank. When experiencing a sense of peace, of confidence, and certainty, you have tapped your Brilliance.

Thinking about thinking is a learned habit and the biggest barrier to accessing Brilliance. We’ve been taught to “think about it”, to think about everything. All of this thinking keeps us in the past and blocks the path to Brilliance. Learning new habits will prevent this tyranny of the thought bank.

Learning to quiet the mind is very important. Taking slow, deep breaths or simply listening to your breath stops the thought flow. When we are quiet we can hear our intuition, the voice of Brilliance, giving us new ideas and solutions.

Many people are unaware that it is our thoughts that create our lives. We are creating all the time. Thoughts are ‘just thoughts’ until we put our attention on them, activating them into expression. If we are on auto-pilot, we have abdicated our ability to choose what we create and are at the mercy of the media, advertising, our colleagues and our families, even our two-year olds. Just look around at the world today and see what extreme unconscious thinking creates.

We can change the world by learning to connect with and maintain our Brilliance. This can be done in many ways. Centering exercises like meditation and yoga help us to relax and be present. We can stay in the flow by being in nature, walking, running, playing basketball or engaging in any activity that puts us in the now. Smiling at yourself and others, laughing often, and celebrating every step of the way move us into higher vibrations.

Brilliance is the path we must take to experience higher consciousness.

When we become conscious of our thoughts and choose to put our attention on our Brilliant thoughts, we elevate our expression and move into higher states of being. We truly have the power to bring heaven to earth.

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