Are You Unhappy? How Can You Be Happy?

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So many people seem to be unhappy. Of course there are those “Fake it ’till you make it” types. They are always smiling and pretending to be happy. But how can we move into being happy without faking it? How can we find true happiness? What is causing all this underlying unhappiness?

A lot of people come up with reasons for their unhappiness. People automatically come up with reasons: “My husband, my boss, my sister, my children, my ex-husband, my ex-wife,” and on and on and on. Their first response is to blame someone else.

We are a society conditioned to believe that someone else causes all of our problems. It might be the government, the schools, our parents, other people, Corporate America, or the Politicians.  I think you get the idea. SOMEONE ELSE IS TO BLAME!!

The problem with believing this is that you can really never change anything because you automatically believe it is someone else’s fault, so there is nothing you can do. The truth is that you cannot change someone else.  You can only change yourself. I know I used to wish I could change everyone else!  Sorry, you can only change you and your perceptions and beliefs.  The really cool part, though, is that when you change your beliefs and the way you view things, EVERYTHING CHANGES.  Many of us would welcome such a change in our worlds!

If you feel that someone else is to blame for most things in your life, it is imperative you change the way you see the problem.  Ask yourself, “What am I trying to understand here? How am I trying to grow from this experience?” Be willing to sit in silence and ask the questions. You do not have to over-analyze;  just sit quietly and see what comes up.  The true answer will be about you, not someone else.

Let’s use an example of an answer that might come up.  You received, “You are not being totally honest and standing in your own power.” As you look at the answer, you begin to understand that you despise conflict and would rather placate someone else than deal with conflict. Understanding it is about you, and not someone else, frees you to act differently.

This is where you will start to think and perceive in a new manner. You can try different approaches as you become comfortable in coming from your power base, your authentic self.  Your authentic self is always working to move you beyond your limits in life.

This is a great quote from Matt Kahn: “Most people do not see their beliefs. Instead their beliefs tell them what they see. This is the simple difference between clarity and confusion.” Bringing clarity into your life is the only way you can shift and change.  What you do not acknowledge, you can NOT change.

Setting yourself on the path to change can move you past your comfort zone. As new, more empowering beliefs and perceptions take hold in your life, you will notice how much happier and more alive you feel. No more faking.

Everyone is truly a spark from Source.  As you dismantle the beliefs and perceptions that keep you unhappy, a new you will emerge.

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