Are You Losing Sleep Because of Stress?

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It’s time to get out the word. In this crazy, upside-down world where everything is changing at the speed of sound, are you ready to get off the stress train and free yourself to travel to a new destination called stress relief?

  • If you feel like you are running in circles most of the time, like a dog chasing its tail, your body is stressed.
  • If you are tired, maybe exhausted, and possibly irritable a lot of the time, your emotions are stressed.
  • If you have problems sleeping and you can’t relax because your thoughts are running a mile a minute, your mind is stressed.

It doesn’t really matter which part of us feels stressed, there is a new way to deal with it. With a few, easy concepts, you can begin to understand how your thoughts can either increase the stress you feel OR lead to stress relief.

As a quick example, when you get caught in a traffic slow-down, do you immediately get angry and curse under your breath, or do you take a time-out and turn up the radio in your car, or the music on your iPhone, until you are beginning to move again?

Whichever way you reacted depends on what you were thinking at the time. “I hate this traffic and I never get to the gym on time for my class,” leads to frustration and other feelings related to stress. “I think I’ll flip to LOVE 101 (or my iTunes playlist) and breathe easy for a few minutes,” will lead you to relaxation and enjoyment.

It’s pretty simple: our thinking is at the center of all of our responses to stress. An exception is environmental stressors to our bodies. Defensive responses experienced when we are physically or emotionally threatened is another. But in reality, most of our stress is linked to our thinking, to our mindset.

 With this in mind, so to speak, we can begin to get out of our stress habit and off the train tracks of stress. Although a real train ride can be relaxing, the tracks lead in one direction, and you can’t get off until you can get off. In real life a ride on the stress train only leads to more of the same scenery—we begin to see stress everywhere.

Stress is epidemic with no relief in sight. Hundreds of books have been written, hundreds of drugs have been developed, and therapeutic programs flourish. We’re lost in the capitalism of stress. We are quite simply surrounded by a world that just won’t stop. It keeps going, and going, and talking to us a mile a minute. Most likely, we aren’t going to change the world outside of us.

Did you know that our bodies and minds and spirits were not created to live this way full time? It’s time to learn the secrets to getting out of our old habits of stress. It’s time to get moving toward a new way of living our lives—one that is truly stress free. There is a way out and the solutions lie within each one of us.

Are you feeling stressed?  STOP.

ASK yourself, “What am I thinking?”

CHOOSE: Do I want to keep thinking what I’m thinking, or shall I choose a new thought to focus on?

SHALL I FOCUS on what isn’t working, or what is working?

Keep catching those stressed out signs, signals and feelings. If you choose to change what you have been thinking and instead choose a neutral or happy thought, you will eliminate the feelings of stress. This simple choice gives us the energy to get through the difficult times and makes life much easier and more fun.

Vivian Hildebrandt and Lynne Hoft are Reality Upgraders. Coaching options for each of them can be found at their website To reach Vivian or Lynne, click To sign up for weekly updates, visit our website.

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