Are You Living From Your Wisdom, or Just Existing?

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We all want to know the answers to the big questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? What is the point of all of this? How can I find happiness?  All over the world people are searching for the fountain of youth, a pot of gold, new frontiers, wisdom and peace of mind, with satisfaction guaranteed.

There are all kinds of programs giving the “answers” to these desires. You can have it all, be whatever you want to be, make your dreams come true. We’ve heard of The Secret, The Power of Positive Thinking, Think and Grow Rich, and hundreds of other approaches to making our dreams a reality. All of these programs contain elements of truth and all are missing vital pieces to get the results we desire.

The core element that is missing in all of these offerings is the understanding of innate Brilliance. While there are movements to get in touch with our creative center, to attract what we want, to create harmony and balance in our lives, the concept of Brilliance is unknown.

We recognize Brilliance as the conscious, intelligent, creative energy that resides within us and within all life. Learning to recognize our Brilliance and then activating it provides the fail-proof answers we’ve been looking for.

Part of understanding Brilliance is a new awareness of mind and how it works, including a new relationship to thoughts, feelings and moods. These are some of the tools we use to activate our lives from our Brilliance.

What happens when you activate your life from Brilliance? You tap the purest, finest, clearest answers to any question you can ask in order to resolve your problems and concerns or achieve your dreams and desires. This is a new approach to life where you live from the inside out. You activate your power, cooperate with your innate wisdom, and create the life you were meant to live.

Mastering the process of living from our Brilliance gives us the ability to choose happiness.  We also gain freedom from the limited beliefs of the culture and society around us.  We can use this freedom to express our creative gifts in the world.

Living from our Brilliance doesn’t mean that the experiences we call problems will disappear. However, the struggle we associate with them does begin to go away. When you understand that limitations are only thoughts, they will start to dissolve in the light of our Brilliance.

Our Brilliance shows us that we are enough, we do enough, and we know enough, which gives us total confidence and total joy at the same time. The more we are able to live from the inside out, the more contentment, beauty, and fulfillment we experience.  We can learn to appreciate every experience, knowing that our Brilliance will guide us through and show us what we have gained.

Learning to live from Brilliance is not a quick fix; it is a process. There is an understanding to be gained; there are skills to be learned that will allow you to live a life that is worth getting up for. It will take time, patience, and perseverance. Is it worth it? Yes, and anyone can do it. We can all claim our Brilliance and live from our power.

Lynne Hoft and Vivian Hildebrandt are Reality Upgraders.  Contact them for coaching options at their website To reach Lynne or Vivian, click  To sign up for weekly updates, visit our website.



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