Kickboxing My Way to Freedom

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I have only watched the art of kickboxing—it looks too intense for the likes of my legs.  But I do know something about kicking boxes out of the way, down the street, and out of my life. Before I tell you more about my boxes, have you noticed that there are too many boxes to count as we look around our lives and the lives of others? We are just “thought boxes” waiting to be investigated, accepted or rejected, and then stacked or filed until we’re forced out of one box into a bigger one.

The first box that I really spent time imagining and decorating was the Marriage Box.  I always wanted four kids, a two-story house with a big back yard, picnics and apple pie, and a husband, of course.  The husband would be tall and wear dark suits and ties. The kids would be two boys, two girls.  And the house could be almost anywhere.  After a miscarriage, divorce, and a decision to reduce the number of kids to only two, I reached the age of 40 and decided to kick that box to someone else’s back yard.  And I did so, without regret.

The next box I spent lots of time with was the Career Box. I taught music, was an office manager, worked as a college administrator; I started several businesses, and spent over 25 years as an Addiction Counselor.  I admired those who could stick with a job and become a lifelong expert. I watched my brother and his wife work years at their jobs, through highs and lows, maintaining their energy through new product lines and the challenges of new technologies to feed their perseverance and enthusiasm.  I just never could stick to one career!

I switched up what I did and how I did it, even in my longer-standing careers. But I kept kicking that career box to a new location and I actually enjoyed it. The important thing is that I kept enlarging the box and its beliefs to include

what my experience was telling me. Time and again, I found an exception to my career “party lines” and moved into bigger boxes.

I also found myself judging other thought boxes as incomplete or misguided without so much as a window in my own box.  It was time for change when I got tired of comparing my thought boxes and myself to others. I just had to stop, kick through one side of my box and let in the fresh air.  There are as many ways to live life as there are trees in the forest. My boxes had to be broken down, once and for all.

Little by little, life has shown me how to pull down all sides of each box I get into, and every box I want to put someone else into.  The Divine joke in our Divine Comedy is on us: we are not as separate as we think we are. We have always defined ourselves by our differences or sameness with others, building little boxes and jumping headlong into them. We’re in the wrong play: the play is about finding the eternal principle, the Divine thread within each of us and all of us, and then joining together in unity.

One way I have embarked on this journey is by recognizing my boxes. It takes a little while to see that even my best box was simply a box.  A traditional box, a rebel box, a creative box, a comedic box, a brilliant box, a God box: a box is a box is a box.  The most secure and comfortable box doesn’t have a window, no light to expose the shadow.  And it gets kind of lonely in the boxes of our separateness.

What is this essence that creates the thread of our connection with every other being we share space with?  It is the energy that we are made from. It is the prime force, the conscious and quantum energy, the higher power that binds us together in our journey to the great stuff of life. The thread is there, but to see it, we need to break down the boxes to get a clear view.  The long-distance movers have the right technique: build those boxes to get you to your next destination, then tear them down so you can experience your new home, or a new life.

How about NOW?  We are seeing all around us the effects of thought boxes gone amuck.  Religious fanaticism, racism and genocide, to ‘he said-she said’ beatings and family destruction seem common place in our news. WHY? We simply haven’t broken down the boxes, the walls of separation caused by our thoughts.

What if we tried to start from scratch, from zero point, to stop building boxes? Each thought that entered our heads would be sent to our hearts for understanding and alignment. We would consult with our higher hearts and not our conditioned file boxes before we could place anything, anyone, or any thought in our new home, destination or dimension of life.

My goodness, the Good Will Store would be really full of our old second-hand thoughts in our present-day world and the original Good Will would be restored to its original beauty and purpose, nurturing a New World.

This Good Will is as close as our heart beat.  It is within us and we need to use it to inform our minds to let go of the thought boxes we exist in. We can transform the world through the art of kickboxing. Without the walls between us, we can readily connect to others and weave a new kind of web. However, we can’t leave the job to anyone else. We are the movers and it is up to us to move aside all thoughts that would separate us from what truly is the energetic essence of all life around us.

It’s not rocket science, as they say. This move takes a little attention and effort to choose the box-less thought, the authentic perception, the thread of good will that connects us to all that is real in ourselves and others. The world without boxes is a world without limits; it’s worth the effort to start NOW, this very minute.

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