A New Way – This Changes Everything!

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According to legions of prophecies, this time in history is a turning point for humanity. There is a prophecy called the Eagle and the Condor. This prophecy states that the Eagle is the bird that represents cultures that have the creativity of mind and scientific insight to harness the wonders of technology and increase material wealth. The Condor represents more spiritually-oriented societies, those that are deeply in touch with the sacredness of the natural world and interconnectedness of all things.

When the Eagle and Condor can fly together, we can bring about a peaceful world. This may seem like a gigantic task but it has already begun all across the world. Paul Hawkens, author of Blessed Unrest, says there are over two million organizations in the world that are working toward social and environmental justice. This movement is non-violent, and it is grassroots. Paul goes on to say, “This movement is humanity’s immune response to resist and heal political disease, economic infection, and ecological corruption caused by ideologies.”

When talking to co-workers, family, and friends, there is an underlying desire to change the way the world is headed.  Young and old alike are weighing in on how to bring about a society that works. Frustrations, bitching, and general dissatisfaction are common conversations now. People are wondering how things can change, and wondering when. Apathy is running wild as Americans are not sure whether either political candidate is a viable choice. Doing nothing and waiting becomes a way to cope. Hoping something will change for the better is the answer most often given!

Seeing a new world takes changing how we see the world. The Indigenous people have stated that in order for the Condor and the Eagle to fly together, the dream of the world must be changed. What needs to be changed to bring about a new view, or new way of being?

The world is interconnected and we are all in this together. When we view the world from a position of “ALL,” instead of “Us” versus “Them,” we let go of division and separatism. We start to look for solutions that work for everyone instead of just ourselves. Cooperation becomes the way to foster new ways of living.

As the world’s inhabitants start to take responsibility for their individual behaviors and actions, we can foster change.  Today most people are unaware of what consequences they are causing for others. When we drop bombs on other civilizations, we are causing harm to others. When we destroy the rainforest, we are displacing many people, and we will eventually destroy the planet. It is important to look at the actions being taken and what they are causing. We must be able to put ourselves in another’s position and ask, “How would I feel? How would I react?” We must all take responsibility for our own actions. If we see actions we find harmful to someone else, we must speak up. We have been silent far too long.

As the world starts to stop the cycles of destruction, we can bring about change. Humanity has been on a course of war and destruction for many years. This destruction has caused the loss of many lives, families torn apart, and a planet on the verge of destruction.  This view of death and destruction as acceptable must STOP!

As the world view changes we must use technology to help the people and the planet. We have technology that can clean up the planet and automobiles that can run on sources other than gas.  It is time to embrace new ways that “DO NO HARM.”

A world that sees “NO ENEMY” is about to birth. When we realize everyone truly has a gift to share with the world, everyone becomes valuable. When we view people as valuable, we no longer try to program someone to be something, or to believe something. Every person has a purpose, a special passion that can create changes in the world. This passion can seem very illusive as it is buried under society assumptions, conditions, and programs. Assisting a person in bringing out their gifts would be the highest calling. We are no longer teachers; we are activators of brilliance.

A quote from Wangari Mathaai, “In the course of history there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach higher moral ground, a time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. That time is now.”

The time we are living in is a time to see new ways of being and interrelating. It will definitely take a new level of consciousness, a new way of thinking. The old ways are not working. It is time to join the other two million and become the wayshowers for humanity. Your brilliance is needed. As the Condor and the Eagle come closer to flying together, we must let go of our fears and negative programming so that we can oscillate love and kindness to all people.


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