Go To Source


It is time to be your authentic self: the unique, beautiful, brilliant you – The Source of Who You Are!

This website is called “Go to Source” for many reasons. You can discover the creative Source you are and access your brilliance. We want to go to the source of the problems within society and within our current belief structures and systems. Lastly, we desire a source based community of diversity where everyone is loved, accepted, and honored for being part of Source.

Free To Be You

ProjectaEveryone is a spark from Source. Everyone is awesome, whole and perfect. You have been programmed to feel small and insignificant; your programs are creating your results. Freedom requires the dismantling of these old, outdated programs.

“Freedom means you are unobstructed and living your life as you choose; anything less is a form of slavery.”

- Wayne Dyer


Expansion and Exploration



As history has shown us, beliefs change throughout history with expansion of the mind. Have we limited who we are because of our limited beliefs? Look at the past and see how many times people have actually moved past what the previous generations thought was possible. We can now fly, have personal computers, televisions, cell phones, and many substantial benefits that was not perceived as possible only years in the past.

It is amazing that we have made so many technological advances but still think our current belief systems don’t need to change.

New Ways and New Ideas

Our collective consciousness is run by programs, the agendas of others, and accepted ways of being. If we do not shift the way we currently think, believe, and behave, we cannot possibly bring about needed change. We have been following the concepts of old: old ways of doing things, old patterns and thinking, old beliefs, and extreme bias. We have a “CRISIS IN CONSCIOUSNESS” !

Back To Brilliance


Everyone has Brilliance! Everyone has a gift to share with the world. Operating from your Brilliance shifts the way you act, think, and believe. You become a magnet of change. Unlimited possibility becomes a reality.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because, what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman



Albert Einstein

New Empowering Beliefs Change Our Current System

personal-943875_1920We can build new systems based on cooperation and collaboration. Systems built on love and acceptance of all people

                Important - Everyone is important and part of the whole

               Unity - We are in this together

                Exploration - Exploration of new technologies and new ideas

               Entitlement  - Everyone is entitled to health care, shelter, chemical free food, all the necessities of life

                Cooperation and Collaboration - Sharing information and resources across the board

                People - People are our most valuable asset

                Diversity - Diversity removes judgment and brings more ideas

                Peace - Promote peace and joy for all, the end of violence and war

                Solutions - There is a peaceful solution always

                 Equality -  Everyone is equal, the end of the hierarchy

                Responsibility - We are all responsible for the world we create

                Compassion - Compassion for all people

                 Love and Respect - Love and respect for all life

                Freedom - Everyone is free to explore their own ideas, thoughts and desires

                Abundance - We live in an abundant universe and there is more than enough for everyone

                Knowledge - There is always more to learn and understand

                Expansion - We are more than our bodies we are spirits having a human experience

                Powerful - We are all powerful and together we are unstoppable

                Oneness - We are one people

Be The Change