Why do we think, perceive, and believe as we do?



Different areas of the world view things differently. If you are an American, you are very likely to have a different view than someone living in the Rainforest or living in the Middle East. Most areas derive their ideas,thinking, perceptions, and judgments from those around them. We are indoctrinated with what to believe and think. Our parents, teachers, politicians, authority figures, religious leaders, and the like, all give us ideas about what to think and believe.

You are Being Influenced!



Besides our authority figures there is a network of control that manipulates, brain-washes, promotes propaganda and agendas to move the mass population to think certain ways. Thereby they control the outcomes in society. This control faction is in every system: government, education, health care, media, economics, law, and religion. It is no longer easy to determine if your thoughts and beliefs are coming from yourself or the beliefs and agendas of this network of control.

Old Paradigm




The Old Paradigm was built on a hierarchy system of control. Someone is above you. Someone knows better than you. Some has the right to tell you how to act, think, look, and what to believe.




ist1_11289947-marionette-hanging-on-strings[1]Society has held collective beliefs that create our current results.

Society’s Beliefs Today

1. Duality. We have believed in duality. Incorporating good vs evil, right vs wrong, dark vs light has led us to fracture the nature of humanity. We have believed in opposites and division. Just as one coin has two sides to it, it is undoubtedly one coin.

2. Enemies. We have believed there is an enemy. Someone to conquer.

3. Hierarchy. We have believed in a hierarchy system of placing some people above others. A class system where some are entitled to more than others.

4. Separation. We have believed in separation of people, states, countries, and nations.

5. Religion and Politics. We have believed there is only one right way and all other ways are invalid.

6. Lack. We have believed there is not enough for everyone. We have believed there is not enough food, land, shelter, or resources.

7. Protection. We believed we must protect ourselves from others. We believe they will want what we have.

This Is How We Act

8. Blame. We have believed someone else is to blame for our problems.

9. Shame, Guilt, Bullying, Abuse and Ostracism. We believe we can condemn others and then falsely feel better about ourselves.

10. Control. We have believed we can control others and obtain our way.

11. Suffering. We have believed suffering is inevitable.

12. Self. It is all about me.

13. Authority. We have believed in authority figures and what they tell us must be correct and beneficial.

14. War. We have believed war is a solution to differences.

15. Humanity. We have believed humanity is somehow small or insignificant.

16. Body. We have believed we are our body.

17. Fear. We have been living by fear

Results of Our Beliefs

poverty1. Poverty
2. Homelessness
3. Starvation
4. War
5. Inequality
6. Suffering
7. Victims
8. Villains
9. Laws and Restrictions
10. Greed
11. Corruption
12. Nations against Nations
13. People against People
14. Death and Destruction
15. Judgment and hostility

Results of Our Beliefs

imagesCAC0NRLL16. Closed Minds
17. Bullying, abuse and hatred
18. Lack of compassion
19. Lack of love
20. Lack of respect
21. Negligence
22. Separation and Division
23. Powerlessness
24. Lack of Responsibility
25. Restrictive Methods and Restrictive Thinking
26. Superiority
27. Secrecy

We Can Move To A New Paradigm